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Uncompromised Encryption is What We Do

We Safeguard Your Secrets

Our consultants will assess your environment and will recommend the best architecture. No bias.

We Earn Your Trust

At Switch Technology we believe in open architecture. No hidden components, no hidden algorithms, and no backdoors.

We Encrypt Your Communication

We specialize in encrypting your network communication. Any data that travels on your network will be encrypted using our One-time Pad unbreakable solution. No gimmicks.

We Serve Critical Clients

Government Departments, Diplomatic Missions, Intelligence Community, and the Military.

Switch Technology

Switch technology’s leading-edge in cyber-security is what governments and enterprises need when looking to protect their communications through scientifically unbreakable channels.
As cyber threats continue to impact our world, choosing the right security solution is a must. Switch Technology delivers the security solution that withstands what many world leaders fear so that they can confidently carry on with their communications.

Shield Introduction

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