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We are an IT company founded in 1996 and we have been dedicated in contributing to the cyber-security world ever since.
Our team of certified professionals with more than 20 years of experience make sure that security departments worldwide can benefit from our solutions.
We build security solutions using One-time Pad (OTP), to help high-end enterprises, government offices, diplomatic missions, and the military protect what matters to their organizations, through channels scientifically proven to be unbreakable.
We take privacy very seriously, which is why we offer our products and services to our clients with the utmost confidentiality.

Our Mission

Equip government organizations with a highly-secure end-to-end security solution. Through eMax we can secure their communications flawlessly.

Our Values


Our experts make your cyber-security their top priority. They deliver the solution you need to carry on your daily activities securely.


Our avant-garde approach is based on scientifically proven facts to ensure the fulfillment of your organization’s security needs.


We strive to gain deep and accurate understanding of the clients’ needs and wants, and we make sure to deliver accordingly.