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eMax is an encryption engine that optimizes the use of OTP, defying today’s cybersecurity threats and high-speed network requirements. It’s Switch Technology’s way of implementing OTP without compromising bandwidth speed, let alone security.

OTP is a symmetric encryption model that uses long unlimited keys. eMax, which is our implementation of OTP makes use of truly random and never repeated dictionaries, resulting in unbreakable encryption.

eMax’s key generation process includes hardware random generators and sophisticated algorithms to ensure two essential features: the keys’ true randomness and the generation process being as fast as possible.

Modern networks require high speed encryption engines. Accordingly, eMax is optimized to achieve 1 Gbps bandwidth.

OTP was considered impractical in the past due to shortage in affordable storage and computational power. Our products can store an indefinite number of keys with internal capacity of up-to 80 terabytes and the ability to connect to NAS devices. These keys are consumed only once and are automatically destroyed after usage.

Also, we have developed supporting applications making the management of our Shield solution practical and hassle-free.