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Shield III – E3004

This is the result of a Swiss-based engineering team’s years of hard work in research and development, aiming to come up with the finest, most unique model. Technically, Shield is a device used as a router or firewall to provide homes and small offices with basic security.

  • The E3004 – or Shield III – is the third revision of the standard Shield devices
  • It can be used as a router or firewall for small networks that need basic security and minimal network administration
  • Requires minimal configuration to get up and running
  • Offers a more appealing design and a quieter operation than that of its predecessors thanks to its Intel Quad-Core mobile processor

Bandwidth and Capacity

  • Bandwidth: 100 Mbps
  • Disk: Connected through USB port
  • MTBF: 5 years+


  • Dimensions (mm): 200x180x90
  • Power:
    • Input: 100-240v AC 50-60Hz 1.8A
    • Output: 12V DC 6.0A
  • USB Connectors (1): For External hard drive
  • Ethernet Connectors (2)


  • Unit Price: Starting at 420 € euros
  • Shipment: Depending on the location